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Up in Annie's Room -  Burgundy Raggies Patterns

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== Burgundy Raggies ==
Gorgeous country style dolls by Sandra Myers!

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Suzette & Her Quilt
48cm (19") Doll
& 20cm (8") Quilt

Suzette wears a pretty mustard and burgundy dress with gathered  pantaloons underneath.  Her boots are painted and laced and her hair is made using thick  raggedy red yarn!
Suzette's quilt features a stitched sampler design with button feature.

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Ginnette Ginnette
61cm (24") cloth doll

Ginnette is dressed in  delicious burgundy & mustard tones! She has painted stockings and boots, shirt, bloomers, skirt & pinafore!  She also has a garland of rusty bells around her neck and carries her swag of sweet little Gingerbread men!

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jerri.jpg (55956 bytes) Jerri
30cm (12") cloth doll

Lovely Jerri wears a dress with a full gathered skirt and ric-rac trim to match her felt collar and purse!  She has long yarn hair and a painted face.  Jerri's laced boots are also painted!

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jessica.jpg (72262 bytes) Jessica
48cm (19") cloth doll

Dressed in rich country tones, Jessica wears a floral dress and bloomers and carries a sweet embellished heart pillow!
She has lots of lovely long yarn hair tied into bunches and touched off with fabric ties.

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renee.jpg (80498 bytes) Renee
55cm (21.5") cloth doll

Renee looks lovely in her pinafore style dress with ric-rac trim and  contrasting blouse!  Her boots and stockings are painted and she has lot so of raggedy red yarn hair! 

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Rita-Annie.jpg (81722 bytes) Rita-Annie
61cm (24") Cloth doll

Rita Annie is elegantly dressed in a rich country red floral dress with contrasting belt. She has a lovely lace collar embellished with a special button and she carries a decorated tin of fabric hearts!  Her boots are stockings are painted and she has thick yarn hair with fabric bow!

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brandy.jpg (54746 bytes) Brandy
65cm (25.5") cloth doll

Brandy has a fabulous head of raggy hair!  She wears a long sleeved dress with gathered skirt, bloomers and has painted shoes and stockings. Brandy's face is penned and she has button eyes. 
She always carries her teddy wherever she goes!

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BRChrissie.jpg (74406 bytes) Chrissie
45cm (17.75") cloth doll

This sweet angel features a dress with full gathered skirt and long sleeved bodice, painted and laced boots and quilted wings.  Chrissie's face is penned and her hair is un-spun mohair.

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Bree-Annie.jpg (70503 bytes) Bree-Annie
60cm (23.5") cloth doll

A sweet country Annie-doll who features a long-sleeved dress with doily collar, underskirt and apron, all with frayed hems.  Her stocking & shoes are painted & her face is penned.  Bree-Annie's hair can be made from prim yarn or ticking!

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Miss Shelley.jpg (67359 bytes) Miss Shelley
60cm (23.5") cloth doll

This elegant looks divine in her country floral dress with wool jacket and matching trim (and matching bloomers!).  Her boots are painted and laced.  Miss Shelley has a penned face and wavy mohair yarn hair.  She carries her sun hat and a basket of flowers!

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Phoebe Rose.jpg (69453 bytes) Phoebe Rose
46cm (18") cloth doll

Beautiful Phoebe Rose wears a calico dress beautifully embellished with embroidery, buttons & silk ribbon flowers.  She wears a doily collar, lace hemmed pantaloons & painted & laced boots.  Phoebe-Rose has lots of yarn hair tied in bunches with fabrics strips or ribbon and her face is penned.

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Santa Swag 07.jpg (27584 bytes) Santa Garland
50cm (19.75") cloth doll swag

A fabulous way to decorate your home for Christmas! The Santa's wear jackets over their pants & shirts and a long dangly hat! Their hair & beards are made from mop strands & their faces are penned.  The girl wears a long sleeved dress with bloomers & has curly yarn hair.  They all have painted and laced boots!

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